A Retail, Business and Leisure Crime Reduction Scheme

The scheme is designed to help to protect your staff, your stock and your property. It can provide a radio, which is linked to South Yorkshire Police CCTV Control/Council Monitoring Centre and all other members of CASED so you can share information and intelligence and together we can work to reduce crime and the fear of crime in the town centre. Members also work together reducing incidents of anti social behaviour in the town centre.

Subscription Fee

Retailers become members of C.A.S.E.D. by paying a subscription fee of £10.00+VAT per week and in return receive the membership package below:


Membership Package.

Retailers will receive the following package for their subscription fee:

  • Hire of a digital radio provided by MRS Communications Ltd. The digital radio connects you instanly with all other C.A.S.E.D. members. The radio is also carried by Doncaster Council, The CCTV Control Room and other partner agencies such as the police, who can provide support as and when needed if available.
  • Access to a new business crime intranet system provided by SentrySIS which allows for real-time information sharing of images of those who commit crime and anti-social behaviour affecting retailers.
  • The SentrySIS system is also used by Doncaster Police Intelligence Unit and other Neighbourhood Officers. The system can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone or alternatively, you can download the SentrySIS app for intelligence on the move.
  • Access to regional intelligence. YHPAC is a collective of crime partnerships across Yorkshire and the Humber region. The SentrySIS system us used to share intelligence across borders allowing C.A.S.E.D. members to get information on travelling criminals and their activity.
  • C.A.S.E.D. have developed strong links with other business crime partnerships in the region and beyond to improve the sharing of such intelligence.
  • Membership of the Doncaster Exclusion Orders scheme, barring persistent and prolific offenders from entering Doncaster member stores.
  • Training opportunities – on all aspects of retail crime prevention and use of the SentrySIS system.


Other features

  • You are supplied with photographs and intelligence of persistent offenders so you can be on the look out and prevent them from stealing your property.
  • Your staff will be trained so they can protect themselves, each other, your stock and your property.
  • MEMBERS will have the power to issue C.A.S.E.D. Exclusion Notices effectively banning individuals from entering their own store and all other members’ premises.
  • Opportunity to attend regular monthly crime meetings, together with South Yorkshire Police, where photographs of offenders and criminal intelligence will be circulated.

If you are a retailer, run a leisure facility or have a business in the town centre and want to join our existing members pro-actively working together to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Doncaster then JOIN OUR SCHEME.

For a membership fee and rent of a radio @£10 a week, you could be a member of a Crime Reduction Partnership receiving all the benefits, helping you to reduce the levels of crime in member stores and the fear of crime for visitors to town centre.

For more information contact the C.A.S.E.D. Co-ordinator

Steve Butler