Who are SentrySIS?

Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) is a UK based company who have been working with Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP's) for over 10 years. SentrySIS was a technological development based on successful systems used by the BACIL business crime reduction partnership in Leeds (Business Against Crime in Leeds).

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) across the UK play a crucial role in protecting local businesses and the public from crime and anti social behaviour. These organisations with the support of local police authorities, local councils and other public service and private bodies can show real effective results for the fantastic work they collectively do to make our cities and towns safer places.

Challenges facing partnerships

This work however becomes an ever increasing challenge due to the lack of information sharing tools and resources at their disposal that are quick, safe, secure and hold 'up to the second' information about persistent offenders and the crimes they commit.

Up until now, systems available to BCRPs have either been too expensive, too slow, hold out of date information or built using old technologies. This raises a number of different issues that prevent BCRPs becoming pro-active when tackling persistent offenders who carry out crime and anti social behaviour on a daily basis.

Secure and pro-active solution

Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) enables BCRPs to adopt a secure, pro-active, online and fully paperless solution when fighting crime and anti social behaviour within UK cities and towns.